Canvas sky projecting afar
Detainees of desirous dream jar
Flock of fireflies emancipated by a child
All blazing trails, r
unning free and wild
A mass to be manacled in memory
Bright expressions, longings to be free
Clatter sometime in impeding walls
Whimsy superseding rationality calls

They burn bright and die
Than living dim, shackled lies
Short commemoration succeeding a short life
Ephemerality is incontestable, rife
Fancy being  preserved in rugged receptacles
Transience overcome by transiting spectacles
Visions of deeper nature
Abstractions transcend nomenclature

I prophesy the celluloid dreamers’ cohort
Make melancholic men teleport
From artificial coops and concrete cages
To outer space and magical places
For the maudlin, they’ll also send
A concoction of concocted friends
All dramatic pals; a lot of fun
Much more than counterfeit, ‘real’ ones

Mind you don’t judge by the looks
The perils of judging covers of books
Just fall into fabricated heads
Like plummeting into dreamy beds
Watch faces feel and sense hearts swell
A new love, breeze, a fresh book smell

Careful, curated firefly jars
Brimming with scorching, searing stars
Remove the lid and carefully peer
Might just end up staying here
Squinting into kaleidoscopes
Shifting sorrow, joy and hope
If it pleases, save the jar or two
So celluloid dreams can stay with you

PS – Mad Men