Brothers sit idly by fires
Delving into bits of multihued paper
Vibrancies weave into minute minutes
Lo! Long Reams of radiant hours tapered
Phases of prismatic rapture unfurl
Amidst equally glorious and disquieting frissions
You hand clay tunnels over
I squint to decipher licentious visions

Of rushing rivers roaring by
With lingering dawdling, dallying boats
Of old men with young, bright eyes
Meandering with magic mountain goats
The Reticent Recluses’ Mountain Orchestra
Bashfully performing quiet shows
With winds fearless birds soar on
Sprinkling confetti of fleecy snows

A thousand stars and the brightest moon
Turning into childhood’s familiar places
Remembrances reflecting from your eyes
Your eyes reflected from your many faces.
Old souls lost in mountain music
Displacement sometimes appears fine
Returning home, rejuvenated
Eliminating everything asinine

PS- Mountain Orchestra